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Archive for April, 2009

All Abuzz – TC making splash on national media scene

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

As  assistant travel editor for Midwest Living, Hannah Agran had  heard plenty about Traverse City, particularly as a place  for foodies. But she didn’t fully appreciate the area’s  scenic beauty until her first trip here for a story on the  Midwest’s top food towns.

“It took my breath away,”  says Agran, who came to Traverse City while researching the  story “Five Star Food Towns” in the June 2009 issue. “I’d heard it was beautiful, but I didn’t expect the water to  look like the Caribbean. You know what really stood out to  me? The fruit. I expected to see cherries, but when I went  to the farmers market downtown and saw all those blueberries, apricots and plums, I just died. I’d never been  to a farmers market with such gorgeous  produce.”


Downtown TC to start installing ‘wayfinding’ signs in June

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Green Island isn’t that far off of Front St. in downtown Traverse City. But it’s far enough.

“I see people all the time coming to the corner, looking down the street and then turning around,” says Lori Burns, who owns the earth-friendly retail shop a few dozen yards from the busy intersection of Front and Union streets.

But she is encouraged to hear that wayfinding signs are soon coming that will alert visitors that there is indeed stuff to see, do and eat down the street.